Whatever your business is, we have the right solutions.   

Tıpper Trucks

We offer tipper capacities from 16m3 to 30m3.

contaıner traıler, flatbed (platform ) semı traılers

We supply platform semi trailer for transporting bulk materials, building materials, construction machines, container and other all- freight.


We offer various capacities silobas depending on the usage. The silobas that we offer are used in transportation of flour, sugar, lime, ash and similar powder materials as well as cement transportation.

Lowbed Traıler

We provide special production lowbed with transport capacities from 25 tons to 200 tons.

water tank - Water sprınkler tank

Water truck, water sprinkler truck can be manufactured on two, three or four axle chassis with the customer needs  with the capacities 10 tons to 32 tons.

HI-Up cranes

We provide the cranes at the desired tonnage depending on the usage areas.

fuel & lpg traılers

We supply special production fuel and LPG tankers according to the regulations.

food & chemıcal traılers

Equipment is designed to haul chemical and food products and to deliver such via pump, for use in chemicals and food distribution when required.