Whatever your business is, we have the right solutions.   

Constructıon Hoısts & Work Platforms

  • Construction Hoists

This system provides transport equipments, loads and personnel from a floor to another floor quickly and safety by installing frontal of buildings. It ensures saving time and work force with its high engineering and production system. It can be stopped each floor, has various speed options and overload sensor.

  • Work Platfoms

Work Platforms can be used at building projects glass, aluminum, frontal veneering, painting, rendering, jacketing and marble veneering. You can find lots of features like safety, practical and etc. All together.

Formwork & Scaffoldıng

We supply all kinds of mold, formwork and scaffolding systems in desired specifications.

Tower Cranes

  • Flat Top Cranes: High quality standards and the fulfilment of your professional requirements. Flat top cranes  come along with the outstanding features of well-established crane series from our manufacturer.
  • High Top Cranes: High top cranes can handle high load capacities and have an unmistakable silhouette. The various size classes prove their worth for medium and large construction projects, for example for industrial and plant construction.

Cuttıng & Bendıng Machınes

We supply our customers with high performance, practical and durable cutting and bending machines for carrying out any kind of project.

constructıon ıron bars

We supply ribbed construction iron bars and ribbed reinforcing bars at desired diameters and thicknesses.