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Technical Information

MODEL   YFH 25 YFH 45 YFH 75
HAZNE HACMİ m3 25 45 75
ÇIKIŞ AĞIZ ÖLÇÜLERİ mm 300X1000X2 500X1000X2 500X1200X2
H1 ÖLÇÜSÜ mm 7780 8120 9000
L ÖLÇÜSÜ mm 2470 4550 5050
W1 ÖLÇÜSÜ mm 3920 4350 4850
H2 ÖLÇÜSÜ mm 3680 3680 3680
W2 ÖLÇÜSÜ mm 3320 3550 4050


Product Hopper

YFH series witch are obtained from the stock bunkers facilities directly designed for stocking to over the trucks.To formed stocking material is afforded by opening and closing receptable and pneumatic pistons. It can be produced according to their volumes and dimensions.


  • Ease of installation.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Easy and simple drive system.
  • Vibratör against blockage.
  • Pneumatic pistons.